My Ethical Principles - a client’s Charter

I recognise that clear ethical principles and policies are vital in this work. Sexuality and aspects associated, within the field of relationship and sexual healing; are highly sensitive areas of work. Tantra unfortunately doesn’t always have a good reputation in the West or in India.

        Working with deep emotions, the body, energy, and sexuality can bring up strong feelings and past experiences. People are often in a vulnerable space and this is inevitable in order to facilitate new experiences.

       A defined ethical path requires that I follow principles of:

This is helped by giving a clear overview before sessions as to what in concrete terms is actually being offered. Also by describing the skills and experience that I will be using, and clarifying what will be required of you during the course of sessions.

I recognise, that, on occasions you may move into unusual states of consciousness and may not be fully aware of  boundaries and practices. At such times my integrity is vital.

As defined above, the nature of the work will be negotiated in advance, taking into account an essential recognition of the need for spontaneity, creativity and intuition.

The work is never is for my personal needs. I also do not provide “sexual services”, surrogacy, dating or sexual partnering.

My approach is governed by love as the benchmark. Love is defined as seeking and facilitating the flourishing of the other.

On confidentiality; any discussion I have is only with a supervisor or professional colleagues for professional reasons.