Ten Fundamental Principles of Tantric Psychotherapy

1. Psychotherapy comes from Psyche means “Soul” and Therapia means “to attend to” so psychotherapy is attending to the Soul.

2. The means of doing this is the application of Love, through relationship. Psychotherapy involves a conscious, boundaried professional relationship for applying love for the purposes of healing.

3. The healing and love are anchored into, and work through, the body which the seat of the Soul in this lifetime.

4. The form psychotherapy takes includes many methods for the liberation of love, energy and awareness in the body, mind and spirit; through the removal of blocks to the free flow of life, love and energy. "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."     Rumi

5. These blocks can be dissolved through love and consciousness and increasing the energy flow of the body whilst being safely held in relationship and being witnessed. Tantra is the ancient science of using practices to bring energy and consciousness together to realise our Oneness to all.

6. At the deepest level this reconnects all to the Divine, healing the Soul and connecting to Spirit.  "Energy is of the Body,.. energy is eternal Delight."   William Blake

7. This is usually best accomplished by working from the foundations of the body and the places where trauma and blocks to the free flow of energy are principally held; and love and consciousness, most absent.

8. This generally means the lower abdomen and the belly from the pelvic floor upwards. These foundational areas are damaged most by childhood trauma and in most cultures have been denied, distorted, invaded and shamed. particularly for women.

9. Attention and often touch, support consciousness coming to an area or an issue. Breathing, movement, affirmation, support and loving strokes encourage the flow of energy into that area.

10. The form that life energy takes has to include sexual energy. To avoid working with sexual energy is to subtly maintain denial and shame and so to refuse to clear trauma and blocks. (Basically Freud was right about this and psychotherapy has been retreating from his insight for a hundred years now.).

Tantric Psychotherapy is the name I have given to the bringing of all the methods of tantra to the task of healing the Soul, through the body and mind and reconnecting to Spirit.

The professional body for psychotherapists (UKCP), in defiance of the pioneering work of the founders of psychotherapy, Freud, Jung and Reich as well as modern neuroscience, do not want this work called psychotherapy and do not support or endorse this work.